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Screen Issues (Samsung LCD LNT4061)

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I have recently got a Samsung LCD 40" TV (LNT4061) and I have my Xbox Elite hooked up to it. I was playing Rockband on my TV, when halfway during a song the television blinks off to a black screen of nothing, and back on to the game again a second after. I am curious to know if this happens naturally or theres a defect to the television. It works beautiful, and the picture is very nice, but just has that one problem.

If i need to provide more information, please ask,


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If your xbox is hooked up via HDMI it could be the infamous HDMI handshaking issue that these sets used to have. I'm no expert, but I would look into getting a firmware update or exchanging the set for a newer build. Throw in a post on the "Official Samsung xx61/xx65" thread - they'll be sure to give you some answers on what to do and where to find the update.
So then this isn't a hardware issue? And how do you update the firmware on the tv?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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