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Screen material and size for new Dwin

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With the new Dwin Transvision scheduled[fingers crossed] for late this month, I am in need of help concerning screen type. It is a 1000 ANSI lumens DLP projector. I am looking at a 16:9 screen ,probably 107 inches wide. I do plan on a Panamorph. The projector would be 17 feet from screen. Is this realistic. Is it recommended to get a Grayhawk and sacrifice the brightness of the studiotek, or vica versa and gain the blacks of a Grayhawk. Do need to make a decision soon, so any help is much appreciated



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I think the consensus is with a LCD,DLP,or D-ILA projector with a 1000ansi or higher lumen rating that the GrayHawk screen is the only way to go for a more realistic black level.

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Someone will correct me if this is wrong, but this is how I worked out my Grayhawk/Transvision/Panamorph (except my screen is only 100")

At 107" wide on a 1:78 screen the calculation would be:

Screen = 8.9ft wide x 5.0ft high = 44.50 sqft

With Out Panamorph.

1000 Ansi's x 0.75 (light loss for black bars) = 750/44.50 sqft = 16.85 ft lamberts x 0.8 gain = 13.48 ft lamberts on screen.

With Panamorph.

1000 Ansi's/44.50 sqft = 22.47 ft lamberts x 0.8 gain = 17.97 ft lamberts on screen.

You need about 13 - 17 ft lamberts min in my view, so you ar pretty safe either way.


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