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Screen Mounting - 2 Questions

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I am completely new to HT and to this forum.

I am currently finishing my basement and planning for a projector and screen. Room is very large (23' by 28' at it's narrowest points) with 9' walls. There is a bar/kitchenette (14'x10') and a pool table area (16'x14') that are actually adjoined to the 23x28 area with no walls between these areas.

I plan to ceiling-mount a Panasonic AE700 projector and a 120" 16x9 screen.

The natural position for a "TV" in this room would be a corner. This would allow viewing from the pool table, bar and most other areas of the room.


Has anyone done a corner-mounted screen??? I have searched threads and viewed the gallery and not seen or heard of this.

To further complicate matters, there is a ledge about four feet up my wall. The upper half of the wall is about 4-5 inches back from the lower part of the wall. Looks just like the ledge posted in the thread with this title: Floating Screen?

Apparently I can't post the url of that thread. threadid=492618

My original idea was to simply get a Da-lite Model C manual pull-down screen and mount it to the ceiling. Then I started think that a fixed-frame screen is probably better, and wouldn't move with a breeze. This presents a mounting problem because of that ledge.


Can a fixed-frame screen be hung from the ceiling? If so, will it ever hang perfectly vertical. Has anyone done this?

If anyone reads thru this long post and responds, THANK YOU!
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