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Screen Paint for Infocus LP755

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I have done quote a bit of reading in this forum, as I will be painting my screen (92 X 52 BO cloth) soon. I am interested in a simple "one coat" solution, such as that ME, ME Lite, or one of it's derivatives. I thought that I would lighten up the ME a bit and add some ***.

The more I looked the more I realized that, as Miss. Man says, the paint should match the needs of the PJ. Therein lies my challenge that I hope the group can help me with.

I have an Infocus LP755 (2001 era) with 1000 lumens and only 300:1 contrast ratio. My room (14 X 18) is painted in a light coler with a white ceiling. I need some help in the Contrast department.

I am hoping that someone can suggest a color or things to consider, based upon this environment.

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My Boxlight 455m (LP340) has done really well with Silverscreen. Once the bulb is replaced I may start playing around with MMud, but up till now its been a good match....
I used Lowe's Valspar Plank Grey flat on my A10X LCD. It has a 450:1 contrast ratio and it makes a huge improvement in black levels.

I know this is an older post, but there are very few concerning the Infocus lp755 I figured I'd post this info here.

Upon reading in regards to the X1 that people were using a Hoya 62mm HMC- ND 2x Filter to gain contrast ad better black, I decided to try it.

I received it today and it does help, it does not pop over the lp755 lens as it does with the X1 but you can be creative and make it work as I did.

And it pops right onto the 4805 lense and it helps it also. :)

Purchased it online at www.bhphotovideo.com $39.40.

I'm thinking of getting a cheap luma grey screen this should also help as well.

I've recently purchased an Infocus 4805 that I'll be using for HDTV programs and 16:9 DVD's but I'll keep my LP755 for 4:3 TV programs as it delivers a great picture, just falls short on black levels.

Hope this helps you achieve an even better picture.
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