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Screen paint, SF? Colorant?

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Hello. I am trying to get together the appropriate paints for a screen wall. Thought I'd attempt a SF paint as described in this forum. It will be sprayed on. My walls are SW cyber space and ceiling is SW tricorn black. I am not sure what to do colorants wise and am looking for recommendations there as well as confirmation that this is the right base mix. My room is 100% light controlled, projector will likely be Epson 5050UB or LG HU810PW. Thanks in advance.

Rustoleum Metallic Accents – White Pearl 32 oz.
Rustoleum Metallic Accents – Sterling Silver 10oz. (hard to find, guess I'll order #5 2 oz jars from amazon)
PPG Diamond Flat 20 oz. Home Depot
Rustoleum's Ultimate Polyurethane Matte Finish (water based) 20 oz.
Distilled Water 32 oz.
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@AVS Brian

Stick to the formula above. But I strongly suggest the 5050ub over the LG. Better contrast, better feature set. Lamps are inexpensive enough to warrant consideration over the only real advantage offered by the LG.....20,000 hrs on Laser.

And a fact over looked by far too many.....the Laser Light Engine is non-replaceable, so if after the Warranty is expired...a 2yr time interval MUCH shorter than 20K hrs...the PJ is trashed.

Better still, get a 6050ub....and with it you'll get a $200.00 Chief Mount, an Extra Lamp...and a 3 yr Warranty, all included.
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Thanks MM, appreciate all your advice from my several posts throughout this process. I'll check out the 6050.
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