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Screen Placement, and TV or Projector Question

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So we just moved in to our newly constructed house. We have a dedicated media room, however we didn't design it to be 100% dedicated to lights off movie watching. Just in case we sold later or it didn't get enough usage, we kept windows in the room. The original plan was to have a projector screen at the top of the room, and at the rear where the cutout is build in some cabinets and counter top to have snacks/bar area. Although since we've moved in, my wife and I have been going back and forth between that option and another, to flip the room and install a tv in the bottom area so we can have a 2nd row of seats back up against the wall in the top portion of the room.

I'm on the fence.. Do we get 1 row of seating with a sectional, or 2 rows of possibly a couch + theater seats behind? With still enough room to have a place to store stuff with future built cabinets? Or flip the room and have a projector screen that may have some limited viewing angles due to the 2.5' depression in the wall? The room is wired for 7.1.4, with conduit for projector up in the ceiling and all wires going to the closet on the bottom right side with everything already trimmed out. We'll have blackout shades installed in the window along with curtains to block out any remaining light bleed through. So we'll have the capability to keep the room dark. However we won't always want it dark. Daytime video games with kids, regular tv shows, etc. When we don't want to listen to kids' tv shows, they get watched in here.. Lights will be on often.

For display options, looking at either an 85" tv, or a projector similar spec'd to an Epson 4010 or 5050. None in the house are audiophiles, we've never had anything surround before. So audio won't be going high end. My requests for input are mainly around viewing, seating, and logistics.

So I guess my questions for the experts as I've never had a tv anywhere in the house other than the living/family room:

  • Due to the daytime TV watching, would it be best to stick with a large ~85" tv instead of a projector?
  • Keeping the screen on the top side of the room best, or flip the room to have the screen at the bottom where currently the 2 rear surrounds are wired at? We know if we flipped the room that we'd incur additional labor expense for re wiring of the audio.

Specs of the room are ~15' wide, and ~16.5' deep, with the recess at the bottom of the drawing being 2.5' deep and 7' wide. Ceiling height is 10' furred down around the edges to 9'.

Thank you!


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Well...............a TV is "Kissin' yer Sister"....a real letdown unless you like that sort of thing. :p

Sadly....unless you do go "TV" and place your seating up real close (7'), you just do not have the room depth required for 2 full Rows of seating.

That can be changed up a bit by building a 4 seat Bar directly behind and up against the 1st Row.

Choosing the right Furniture could allow you to have 5 Seats forward. (Center Sofa w/2 chairs attached)

Of course you should keep your wiring "as is", and at this late stage, trying to isolate the room's sound is pretty much unfeasible. You can accomplish a lot with attractive Acoustic Dampening Wall Panels (3' x 2.5')...but as you related, not being audiophiles speaks of keeping such room accouterments to a minimum. You don't want a rattlin' room....but unless your system is producing in excess of 110 db you won't need much...just a few practical things that are considered "add on-s".

Again...sadly you should have omitted those Windows. They are a hindrance to a correct layout...they WILL need to be covered for effective viewing, and frankly speaking....a well designed Theater...even in a smaller Market Home, is a selling asset. My experience being that having one garners more attention and desire across a broader range of potential Buyers these days than it excludes those looking for an extra Bedroom or such.

Addressing the Daytime TV watching situation. When comparing the cost of a 4K 85" TV against a suitable Projector and choice of screen, the PJ/Screen allows for a more immersive experience while not suffering from reasonable amounts of ambient light. "Reasonable" meaning the light from those Double Hung Windows is muted by effective draperies. The difference between a 85" diagonal sized Screen and one that is 110" diagonal is...how to state it..."bigly" in perception. 8' wide instead of 6', and 54" high vs 42". If you choose the popular Epson 5050ub, a 110" screen with 1.2 gain,and "Ambient Light Resistant" properties will provide 70 foot lambert at a 11.

But they are a done deal so.....onward.

Excepting the already done Pre-Wire (attic or crawlspace above the room?), another option would be / could have been a Retractable Screen that would go down in front of the Curtained Windows. Dependent upon the Curtain's width, sufficient light can be allowed to come into the room around the perimeter of the edges of the Curtain, without overtly affecting the image quality on the screen. Consider this....those windows are in such a position that any Daylight streaming through unrestricted would impact a 85" direct view TV on the wall to the left anyway.

No matter what, not rushing into the build is important. We didn't get the chance to advise before the room went up, so mitigating adverse conditions and working toward your getting the best performance value for the money you spend are the only remaining goals to strive for.
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