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screen problems Sanyo HT28745

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I have a Sanyo HT28745 HDTV and it is about 2 1/2 yrs. old. A few weeks ago the screen started turning green on the right side. It would eventually fade back to normal color but now it is staying that way. Sanyo's website said it was an issue with magnetism but nothing is around it. On the outside of the wall is my meter base could this be the problem? I haven't had any other problems with it except this.
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The issue with the greens (actually lack of reds) is well documented in the Sanyo HT32744/HT30744 thread.

Sanyo HT32744/HT30744 thread

Go back a few pages. It may be a case of bad solder joints.
I also have a Sanyo HT28745 that is exhibiting the green tint problem. It started within a week of it turning two years old. I called Sanyo, spoke with Harvey and he stated that the green tint problem didn't happen to these models only the earlier models. The green tint problem being described sounds exactly like what is happening to mine though. Harvey basically stated that I am on my own. Sanyo hasn't received any complaints on this model.

Has anyone else with a HT28745 experienced the green tint problem? If so, how was it fixed and did Sanyo do anything about it? I realize the TV is out of warrenty, but I am really ticked off that a 2-year-old TV is now in need of repair.

I have the same model and it started doing the exact same thing about 2 weeks ago, right after its 2 year mark. I called customer support and they gave me the same response saying that it doesn't happen on this model. I am going to call Harvey today. I don't expect anything but I think he needs to be aware that it is starting to happen to this model as well.
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