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Screen problems with Panasonic TH42PX60U

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I have a Panasonic TH42PX60u build date of January 2007. It has a blank screen (dim gray) with intermittent flashes (rainbow colors) of the source program. When the picture does appear it's usually a blue bar a the top of the screen with a snowy version of the source program intermittently flashing. I tried unplugging and resetting the display twice, which worked for a day, but now the screen is all wonky again. My son was playing his PS3 on it when the screen went blank. I switched back to our DirecTV HD box, moved the cable from HDMI 1 to 2 and tried the OTA signal, but nothing helps. The TV powers on and the sound is fine. The red power indicator light is constantly lit and does not flash. If I leave the display unplugged overnight and plug it in the next day and power it on it will work continuously for a few hours. When turned off and back on later it will display properly for a few minutes and go to a dim gray screen with sound and no picture. Any ideas how I might try to troubleshoot this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Bump. Anyone have any ideas as to a fix for this? It worked for a few more days by unplugging for a few days, plugging back in and immediately turning on. The panel would display fine until powered off and then it would revert to sound but no picture. The panel is powering on (light gray) but no picture. Help! The PS3 needs a display!
To Reset the Unit: Turn the TV on and while pressing the “VOLUME ( - )” button on the TV unit, press the “Menu” button on the remote control for more than 3 seconds. The Self-Check menu appears on screen. Then, disconnect the AC cord from the wall outlet.
Thanks for the tip. I tried that this morning and the panel worked continuously for about an hour prior to work. When I returned home this evening the panel would again not display any images. I tried the reset procedure and I still get no picture just a dim gray screen. I'm going to remove the back panel this weekend and take a look. Maybe I can visually see a bad board or loose connection.
Try to perform a "Self-check Procedure": Select a television channel, and while pressing the [VOLUME ( - )] button on the TV, press the [OK] button on the remote control for more than 3 seconds. A self check screen should show up (mem, tune, panel etc...). See if the list of items is "OK".

To Exit self check screen, disconnect the AC cord from the wall outlet.
JChin, I really appreciate the help. I unplugged the panel yesterday morning and left it unplugged until this evening. I plugged the panel back in and the picture appeared as if nothing had ever been wrong. I just tried the self check procedure and all (list of 12 items I think) showed ok. I unplugged the panel, plugged it back in and I now have a picture. Usually after it's turned off overnight and powered back on the next day I have sound but no picture (dim gray screen). I guess I'll keep doing the reset to make it work. Do you think the tuner update would help in this situation? Is there a standby circuit that could be malfunctioning?
I guess it wouldn't hurt to update the firmware (if you haven't done so).
jvarnadoe, I did a google search on "standby circuit" and found this: http://www.pasctraining.panasonic.co..._and_Cures.pdf Hopefully this information will help solve your problem.
The gremlin plaguing my plasma has returned. I 've had no problems for 4 days and this morning I get no picture and the reset procedure is no longer working. I'll try to get this thing off the wall and pulled apart soon. I'll need the help of you experts to guide me in the right direction.
I finally had time today to remove the panel from the wall and pull off the back. I discovered that the right speaker wasn't operating, so I removed the speaker wire, connected it a driver from one of my Polk's and got sound, so no problem with the amp. The screen was still intermittently on and off, so I also removed the connector for the left speaker. I know the one speaker is totally not operational and I suspect the other is slowly developing a short. I should note here that the panel is mounted outside on a very large open air porch. I think the Florida humidity finally got the better of the voice coils.

The panel has been operating flawlessly for 8-10 hours with both speakers disconnected. I've been shutting it down every 1-2 hours and restarting approx. 20-30 min later with no problems so far. I've found a replacement set of speakers (EAS12S10A) on ebay for $20 including shipping.

Could this really have been the problem? I'm hoping that this cheap fix will work. If not, I'll try replacing the PA board next.

Has anyone else had problems with the speakers on the TH42PX60U?
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