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Screen Qs for VPL-HW10 sony projector!

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Hi all,

I posted origionally in the "Official Sony VPL-HW10 thread" but I think it has all but been abandoned now
....so no luck their.

I have just recently bought the Sony projector mentioned above to replace my old HD70, It is enough to say that me and more importantly my wife are so impressed that she is now letting me convert the living room into a cinema/living space with a fixed screen etc
and all the trimmings. Until now I used my projector in the living room too but projected onto a white wall (I know bad man!). Well that is to come to an end and I was wondering if you guys had any recomendations for a good screen or had any experience of using a decent screen with the HW10?

The room its going in has some light control via the drapes but this is not a massive concern as most use will be on an evening when its dark. We do not suffer any real external light as their are no street lamps, only moon light and again the drapes can be used. I will need a 100" screen (mounted about 3 meters back from the ceiling) and possibly a little gain since we may occasionally use during the lighter hours. Any suggestions?

I'm also potentially interested in making a DIY screen, I can get the material from drh screens who seem pretty well regarded! Any thoughts on this too? I have a budget of £400 - 500 and would greatly value any help. Sorry for the long post.


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Screen forum ultimately is a better venue for this, but, what color is the room (walls and ceiling)?
Oh sorry didn't realise their was a section for screens. Ooops. Well the room is currently cream/magnolia (both wall & ceiling) with blue carpets/drapes etc and the wife has said that has to stay because she wants it to double as a sitting/reading area when the cinema is not in use. I'm thinking of as close to a lifestyle style cinema as possible i.e. Brown leather chairs/sofa, sorting out the lighting (spot in ceiling) & we have dark oak coloured furniture. Thanks for helping out, although I've been in the home cinema game for a few years this is only my second projector & I have never considered a static screen before but the VPL-HW10 is such a fine projector that I figured it deserved a bit of TLC.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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