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I have been hunting around for a screen and I think I have settled on one, but I can't find hardly any reviews on here. I have a fairly light controlled room, but not a dedicated HT. I am looking for a screen around 106" and I will be getting a projector with plenty of light output. Ceiling will be flat white with knockdown, but the projector and screen will be at least a foot below the ceiling to help with light reflection. Walls are a tan color with a fairly flat paint and 4' from the edge of the screen to the side walls.

Screen will be recessed in the ceiling (which is still open). I am leaning towards the tab tensioned recessed screen from Monoprice in gray. I will have my center speaker behind the screen and this one is not acoustically transparent, so that would be a bonus over this screen. I have a full Audessey EQ for my center channel though so I should be able to tweak it to make it sound good.


With the sale on now it is $1k shipped and that is right where my budget is at. Does anyone have any experience with this screen? Are there any other recommendations in this price range or cheaper? Thanks!
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