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Just committed to the Epson 7500UB (first projector), and would appreciate recommendations for a fixed-frame screen. My dedicated theater setup is as follows:

1) Full light control (black ceilings/walls/chairs, dark carpet).

2) 16:9 desired aspect ratio (looking more to constant width utilization).

3) Room is ~13'W x ~19'L x ~9'H (screen is to be placed on ~13" wall).

4) Have Khorns in front corners; elected to construct a 98" by 24" deep letter box (otherwise room would be ~17'L). Limits the screen to ~106" diagonal screen depending on the frame. Planning to line 14" walls and ceiling with black velvet.

5) Seats are ~14' from the screen wall.

6) Use mostly for movies, some but limited for gaming and sports.

7) Will mount the projector from the ceiling (have placement flexibility for distance from screen).

8) Do not need an acoustically transparent screen.

Emailed sample requests to Draper, Da-Lite, Stewart, Carada, Elite, Accuscreen, Mustang, Screen Innovations, Smx Screens, Screen Research, Vutec, SI.


1) Thinking of a white screen with 1.0 (+/-) gain.

2) Perhaps I should eliminate the letterbox (room becomes ~17', seating becomes ~12', and screen could be ~115" again depending on frame).

Constructive input/recommendations are being sought.

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