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Just started my foray into 3D - using a Samsung 7900 player.

There is a screen size setting, but it is limited to 116 inches. I am using a 133 inch 16x9 Projection screen. I've also read some players have a distance setting (how far you have from the screen0, both apparently designed to help rendered the 3D image as best as possible.

So do these settings have a material impact on 3D image quality? It seems some players don't even have one or the other (or both) setting(s). If these settings do matter, does anyone know of a player that will support larger screen sizes AND has dual HDMI's since my AVR is not yet 1.4 compatible. I've searched a bit and cannot find any so far

I do see some ghosting with the 7900 & Sony VPL-VW-90es projector. Overall it is excellent, but if I can eliminate it complete (or more), why not!?

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