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Hi all, i'm new here!

First of all I want to say this is a great place with loads of info av! :)

My question;

I'm planning on buying the Sony HS20 Projector.

The room I'll place the projector will be 8.70 meters long.

I want to buy a screen of 1.90 m - 3.75 m

The HS20 has the following screen specs: 102 - 760 cm (40 -300 inch)

Does this mean the height can only be 102 cm or less, or can I have a height of approx. 1.90 meters?

I want to use 3.75 m with, about half of the max, does this mean the height will decrease 50% as well?

I'm a little confused about the ratio.

I'll mainly use the projector for dvd's and console gaming

What I want is have the 1.90 m - 3.75 m (totally) filled, is this possible without losing picture quality?

Thanks in advance!

Dolby Freak

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Go to:


Select "Find Projectors"

Select "Sony" from the list of manufacturers

Find the Sony HS20

Go to the Projection Calculator.

You can select English or Metric units and do 16 x 9 or 4 x 3. Also, I suggest reading the article under Commentary about screen size.

Good Luck!

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