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Screen Size, Type, & Configuration

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I may very well be purchasing the NEC XG135LC 8" CRT projector, and I need to know what I should do about the screen size, type, and configuration. I suppose that I can not go wrong with Stewart Filmscreen, so that's the way I'll go.

I sit about 15' from the front wall. About how far back from the front wall should the projector be mounted? About how large a 16x9 screen should I have? What type of screen material will work best with the NEC XG135LC, or for any CRT projector for that matter? Also, what is the preference regarding whether to get a fixed screen, a roll-down screen, and/or a screen with matting options?

Without a doubt, your help will be much appreciated.
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Hi Jason,

I placed my order for the NEC as well. Which size screen were you planning on? I asked this same question last week. I am ending up with the 96x54 Stewart Luxus A Electriscreen. Its the Studiotech 130 (1.3 gain)

What sort of control over light in the room will you have? What are the dimensions of your room? Ceiling or floor mount? How high is the ceiling?

For me, roll down is screen is purly an effect thing. Which I bought into. Pull down would have saved me around $650. If I didn't have the bookcases behind, I could have had a fixed screen. Your environment and budget will kind of influence your decision.

The electric masking was very cool, but at an additional cost of $1800, I put that money towards a scaler. (or professional install and calibration)

Another AVS member was kind enough to send me the NEC throw chart when I asked. I'll shoot it to you. It will give you the distance for mounting the NEC based on the screen size, center of screen placement, etc...

Best of luck.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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