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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to first thank each and everyone on this forum for all the suggestions and help you have all offered me in my quest in creating my media room.

I was hoping for yet another suggestion. The last main piece I need to choose and purchase is a screen.

Here's a make-up of the media room:

Room is 20ft Deep (From screen wall back to rear of room) x 14ft wide. Ceilings are 8ft.

Screen wall is 154". The seats are about 9ft from the screen wall.

The room has (4) large recliners. (2) in the front on the floor about 8 1/2 - 9ft from the front screen wall and (2) in the back on a 10" high platform that is 8ft wide x 4ft deep.

I can't really move the seats / platform back any farther then they are as there is a walkway from the back wall, behind the platform, to a door that goes into the other side of the basement. That's why I can't use the full 20ft depth of the room.

I was debating on either an 88" or 92" screen. Initially I was afraid that the 92" screen would be too big and that people would be getting "over information" from sitting about 8 1/2 - 9ft from the screen. But I think that I am pretty certain that I am going to go with the 92". Any thoughts on screen size? Does the 92" seem ok?

Projector: Mitsubishi HC3000U

The room is in a basement with no light concerns (ie, room can have complete darkness if necessary).

Can anyone recommend a "fixed mounted" screen for around $300.00? I can spend more but I was trying to stay around $300.

From what I have learned, because the room has no lighting issues, that I don't need a special "gain" screen. Is that true? What gain should I be looking for? Anyone have any brands / models that they can reccomend?

Any and all help is appreciated.


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It sounds like you have a very nice HT room, congrats! I would go with the 92" screen, it doesn't seem to big for your room to me. More people regret going smaller compared to bigger.

As for a $300 or less fixed screen, I'm not aware of any decent quality ready made screens for that price. IMO your best bet for the lowest cost ready made fixed screen, is to email Jason here at AVS and ask for a price on a Da-Lite Permwall.

The cheapest option of all would be to make your own fixed screen. If you are even a little handy with tools, you can make a very nice screen. I am considering this myself. There is an excellent forum here on this subject, the "DIY Screen Section". From what I have found so far the Laminate screens seem like the best combination of being easy to build, turn out nice, and are low cost. Here is a link to learn about those; Laminate Screen Material & Testing!

Good luck,

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