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Long time browser, first time writer,

I have a room that is 18' by 12' with the potential projector (Sony VPL HW50ES) about 12' ft back (ceiling mounted). Planning on a 100inch screen.

I will use the projector for 60% TV, 20% movie, 10% games, 10% friends over watching sports (someone check my math)

Plan on painting room a darker red or (insert suggestion).

There are two basement windows (1' x 2') at the rear of the room which will have cellular shades installed on, I'm thinking this won't be a big deal for ambient light, although this is my first projector and maybe I am woefully uninformed

I've been reading a bit and like the idea of the snomatte 100 but I'm not sure if it even exists anymore, as I see a lot of studio tek 100 coming back from google when I do a search, but can't really find anyone selling it.

I don't like the idea of having a screen with a tremendous amount of gain, as ambient light shouldn't be much of an issue.

I'd like to spend somewhere between $800-$1500 if the price justifies the results.

Any suggestions?



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I wouldn't use a Studiotek 100 which is basically the same as a Snomatte 100.  It sounds like your room although dark is not quite that proverbial black bat cave which real makes a Studiotek 100 a great choice.  It is also out of your price range by a fair amount. Since it seems like you'd like to get as close to a reference material I'd look at Stewart Cima models the Tiburon and Neve are exceptionally good for the price.   The Joe Kane (HD Progressive) screens by Da-lite might be found in your price range with some discount.  The Stewart and Da-lite would be my top choice but are at the higher range of your budget.


 At the lower range of your budget I'd look at Seymour-Screen Excellence 103" with their Radiant White 1.3 material.  IMHO, since you a planning on a decent projector don't go scheap on the screen, get the Stewart or Da-Lite.  You will upgrade your projector many times before you ever consider upgrading your screen.  A good screen will last a long time.
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