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I have had the pleasure of testing the Screenplay 777 3-chip DLP this weekend! This is InFocus' top-model, MSRP of about 30k. The projection is intended on huge screens, about 200" and up, but I am testing it on a 80" grey coated Adeo screen! Seemingly a bit "overkill", but I was up for a surprise, this handsome guy even does the job in my little HT -hands-down!-

I have tested a lot of other hi-end DLP 1-chip units, as well as a bunch of CRT's, and this thing really has taken a big leap onto the CRT world. I have a Barco 1208 at my fathers house, and have a pretty fresh image of a CRT as to compare.

The design of this unit is excellent, as is the setup. Motorized vertical and horizontal lens-shift is a necessity in my non-HT-friendly living-room, but with this feature, I had little problem getting the image within the frame of my screen.

I am testing the unit with:

-Pioneer DV668 DVD-player (480/576p)


-Adeo Greyvision 80" motorized

-Real Cable HDMI to M1

The noise-level from this unit is exceptional low! I would guess about 25-27 DB compared to other units I have tested, although InFocus claims 30. The noise is in any case very little annoying, and this is what's important...

Artifacts like dithering, false-contouring (which is very good on most DLP's, but almost non-existent on this unit) is "gone with the wind". The stability 100%! Perfect!

The dynamic image I am presented really makes me think CINEMA. Even the dark scenes gives a punch and detail I have never witnessed before. I am not really a high brightness / AL-guy, but that's mainly due to the fact I think decent blacks is more important. When the black-level is as good as it is on this unit, I actually have no problem with 1500-2000 AL. I do not need sunglasses, the image just seems clearer and more crisp. Anyhow, InFocus should include a "low-power-mode", as to increase the blacks even further, it would increase the versatility of the projector, and I would probably choose to sacrifice a bit of light output for even better blacks.

The black-level on this unit is actually very good, even on my 80". The specs states 3000:1 and 2000 AL, giving a calculated absolute black level of about 2000/3000=0,66 lux. That is not the figure I am seeing, compared to other units, spec-wise I mean. When turning the brightness down to 40, I think the unit lowers the output to about 1500 AL, and about 0,5 lux I believe is more correct. In addition I use a grey screen to increase the black level, and altogether, the black level is rather pleasing. The high light-output combined with the 3000:1 contrast-level on this machine makes for excellent dynamics in dark scenes!! This is just great!

The colors are also on "jaw-dropping" levels. Green is well saturated, the same is the case for yellow (a common problem-color for 1-chip DLP's). Red and blue and all of the color-gamut is excellent... This unit has a much wider spectrum as RGB is provided in full-bandwidth without the limitation of the colorwheel.

The common problem of overdriven sharpness when I connect low-bandwidth DVD with HDMI/DVI is apparent. This is naturally not this units fault, but the fact that the internal DCDi video-processing is bypassed on any signal but interlaced is in my opinion a weakness of many projectors, and a unit in this price-class could have scored on providing a better solution to this issue. If you are sending DVD through DVI/HDMI, you would need a good scaler or a HTPC with filters installed to avoid this overdriven sharpness and hence "digital look".

On D-VHS the problem of sharpness is almost non-apparent, due to the high bandwidth of the signal...

This, as well as most other 1-chips DLP's, do not deserve being feeded 8 mbps DVD-material!

The 777's design and features will be the platform of Screenplay's coming series of projectors. I, however, have fallen totally in "love" with this wilder-beast... It's just the most sexy machine I have ever seen and tested, and just LOOK at the mechanics that come with this unit (hmmm, I was not able to upload any images...)!

Link to the unit: HERE
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