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Screens versus wall???

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Newbe question

Does a screen such as a Daylite model B really produce that much better picture than just shooting on a white wall??? I am trying to decide if it is worth spending a couple hundred or so on a screen that has a 1.3 gain with a projector that has 850 lumens?? The picture on the wall is surprisenly good . So I am trying to decide if it is worth the money for a screen. If the screen produces a picture that is even 10 or 15 % better than on the wall it would be worth it to me?

Any thoughts on this or advice...thanks!

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You might want to contact a Da-Lite dealer and have them send you a pack of samples. When I was deciding, I taped all the samples on the wall and then watched different kinds of material. For me, the lower gain screens (1.0-1.5) weren't significantly different than the white wall. My wall has a slight orange peel texture that I would have sanded down if I wasn't purchasing a screen.

Follow the "screen tests" link in my signature or better yet, get samples and decide for yourself.


Tom L.


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