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SD and HD Video Connections

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I have the JVC HD-61FH97 since Monday. We have it with Cox cable and their Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR cable box. I'm looking for optimal video connections. I have a monster HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV. I also have a RCA video connection from the cable box to the TV.

The TV input setting is set to the HDMI input. The DVR cable box has several picture format settings including fixed, upscale-1, upscale-2, and HDMI/Auto. The picture format on the cable box is set to HDMI/Auto.

The cable box displays the output on the front of the box. When we watch COX HD channels the TV displays 6X9 and the cable box shows 1080i. When we switch to regular Cox programming the TV displays in 4X3 format and the cable box shows 480i output.

The HD picture is great, but the SD channels are lower viewing quality than the non-HD digital cable box and the 12-year old Mits 40" Mits tube TV we had their prior. I also changed the JVC TV settings to those indicated on an earlier post.

So the question is, what can I do to get better SD Cable picture. Some the options might be to switch the TV input from HDMI input to another input for SD. I currently have RCA Video cable and think I can add, or change to, component input (red, blue, green) or use S-video.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Donaldw
So the question is, what can I do to get better SD Cable picture.
Try squinting. ;)

Seriously though, what you're observing is quite normal....SD programming on a large HDTV will look inferior to what you're used to seeing on an analog set, there really isn't much you can do about it.

You might try changing the output of your cable box and see if it does a better job of upscaling 480i than your TV does. As far as your connection options, I doubt you'll see much improvement by changing to composite, S-video or component video for that matter but trial and error is really the only way to make that determination.

Short answer, watch only HD programming on your new set. :)
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For the SD try using the HDMI instead of the composit. In the output setting remove the 480i selection and use the box to upscale the SD. I did this with my Moms SCiAtl cable box and Philips TV. The SD pictures looked much better via the HDMI. Experiment with the 480p, 720p, etc. to find which one looks best to you.
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