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Ok, so I noticed this the other day watching a SD DVD, but didn't think much of it until tonight when I was watching another one.

Sometimes I will put on subtitles if I can't hear/understand a line. It appears that if I do that, the last subtitle track will keep playing, even after I turn subtitles off.

For example, tonight I was watching Stay. I turned on the subtitles to see what a line of dialogue was (track 1 - English), then turned it back off (cycle through the Spanish, French, Spanish 2, and back to Subtitles Off).

Well, it kept playing the Spanish 2 subtitles, which basically just translates the signs that are on screen. I don't know if anyone has that DVD, but to see it in action, it happens at 35 minutes (when Ewan McGregor is reading the wall that says "Forgive Me") and at 51 minutes when the Porn-O-Rama sign shows up, as well as several other scenes.

I couldn't get it to go back off of subtitles again. It happens on both the add-on and the 360 itself.

As I said earlier, this happens on other SD DVDs too. Weird behavior anyways, but I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere else.
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