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I have narrowed my search to either the Toshiba 62 HMX84 or the Mitsibushi 62 (525 or 725).

I have no interest in the cable card, or integrated tuner. I am also well aware of the glare issue, which is one of the things that kept me in the market long enough to discover the Toshiba.

I believe both have comparable HD picture quality; however, I haven't been able to perform a good comparison of their SD picture quality.

I plan to use a Dish 811 HD receiver which purportedly upconverts to 480 p, 720p, and 1080i and uses a DVI interface. I may also keep my current dish receiver because of its built in DVR. It has an S-video interface.

I am looking for an informed opinion on which of these sets will have a better SD PQ in general, and better SD PQ in my particular set-up.

Thanks in advance,

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