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SD vs. HD Panny - Is there a benefit?

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Hello all,

Well, after a few months reading here, and some shopping time and discussions with the wife, we've decided to drop the coins on a Panasonic 42" plasma for ourselves. We went to some of the local B&M stores in town this weekend (all major chains; we have a really slim selection of home theater dedicated places) and looked at the SD and HD Pannies.

I thought we had decided to try to get a decent price on the HD set (and the local guy was going to throw in the Samsung HD receiver). Then, I went home and did some more reading...

In one thread on this board (I can't find it now, unfortunately), I thought I read that anything plugged into component inputs (like an OTA HD receiver into a DVI-less Panasonic plasma panel) would be limited to 480p. Is that correct? If that's true, what is the real benefit, if any, of paying extra for the HD panel? Every thing that I have to plug into the plasma (OTA receiver, DVD, XBox, cable through VCR) would be connected by S-video or component, so it's all going to be limited to 480p (or less), which is the native resolution of the panel. No scaling, no muss, no fuss, and cheaper to boot.

What am I missing (if anything)?

Thanks for all the info you guys provide,


P.S. My viewing distance will be 8' to 10' typically, so the "screen door" shouldn't be an issue.
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Well first, I must say, that with just 1 post under your belt, you are surely going to get told to do a search. The main panels discussed here at the hd and ed pannies, and the 433cmx and the 503cmx pio's. There is enough information on these 4 panels to keep you busy for weeks in learning everything you want to know. Also look int he stickies above for more information.

Now I do believe that the majority of the ppl on this board have the ed panny as it put outs the native res of dvd's and supposedly from over an 8' viewing distance there is no noticeable difference in hd picture, and screen door.

I have seen them side by side and think that the ed has a more stretched look to standard 4:3 broadcast signals even in just mode which bothers me quite a bit. I also notice less screen door in hd, but either one seems to bother me the same.

I would prefer the hd just because of the stretched image of the ed.

However I had a 403cmx which I returned because of blacks and planned on waiting to check all the new stuff coming out in call, but since I am going through withdraw I am thinking of purchasing something now. I was going to scrape the money up for the hd panny, but am now seriously reconsidering since 95% of my viewing is dvd and satellite at the moment. I am thinking of getting the ed, and just being totally content with it for a year or two until all the new stuff comes out, this hdcp stuff settles down, and the prices drop further. At which time I will them get my dream Fuji p50, or a new panel that has yet to be released. I am going to go take a look at the panny sd again today to see if I can deal with the stretched look and if I can will be ordering it sometime this week.

Hope this info helps.

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I believe the pio panel the other Chris was referring to is the PDP-433CMX. It's a somewhat popular 43" HD model with a card slot to help "future proof" your investment.

Yes there is tons of useful stuff stored somewhere in this forum. I don't think the search utilities are particularly fast or even that useful. So I just read the forum constantly and try to devour/analyze all that seems worthwhile. Do a search for JakeE if you want to see posts of the 433 vs the 42" panny ED model. And I think RHarkness if you wanna see a bunch of interesting stuff on the 42 ED panny. Man, I would kill to have that guy's free time.

Welcome to the forum,

It is NOT TRUE that component video (non-DVi?HDCP) is limited to 480p. HD STBs output 720p or 1080i HD on component video. Some fear that years from now some boxes MIGHT limit some content on component video compared to DVI/HDCP. If you wish to buy an HD panel and are concerned about that, just buy a model with DVI/HDCP like the Fujitsu or a Pioneer that has the ability to upgrade - or wait a few months for the new model Panasonics with DVI/HDCP.
..."And I think RHarkness if you wanna see a bunch of interesting stuff on the 42 ED panny. Man, I would kill to have that guy's free time."

LOL, maybe, maybe not. My "free time" is a result of working in the wonderful free-lance world of film. I just finished five months on a series, almost seven days a week, followed by over a month dead stop, not earning a cent, jumping in fright at every bill that poured through the mail slot (and of course contributing to this fine forum ;-0)

I'm just about to start a zombie movie next week, so my posting should slow down. I don't think there is another possible thing I could write about the Panny or any other plasma anyway.

Rich H.
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