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SDI and Dish?

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I quickly read a few threads about SDI and Dscaler. That sound very promising, but My software DVD player looks great.

What I need is a better way to hook up my Dish Player. The cheap d/a converter in the Dish Player combined with the cheap capture card in PC make for a pretty bad picture.

Is it possible to add SDI to the Satellite receiver?


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I don't think that there is a way yet and we're probably going to have to be patient until a solution is worked out on each device. In many respects, this isn't as easy as supporting DVD players.

It would be useful for those who are interested in this type of mod for Dish or DirecTV to post in this thread, so that overall interest can be judged.
I have 2 directv HD tuners. If there is a way to send the signal (HD included) to my HTPC and have DScaler work it's magic with regular NTSC programs and then bypass the HD signal then I would definitely buy it. I would love a HD compatible component or VGA input on the card. Then I can run only one cable to my display device.
I've been searching and searching for an HD capture solution, and there simply isn't anything yet, due in part to the limit of the bandwidth on the PCI bus.

The only theoretical work around I've bounced around here was taking the HD SAT signal, RF modulating it somehow, and using a PCI capture card, to do a simply HD overlay of the HD sat signal. You would certainly loose some quality in the digital RF modulation, but this is the only thing that is even close to a solution.

There are SDI HD solutions, but at this point they would degrade picture quality and would cost a lot of money. Maybe in a year or two when the next generation of buses comes to market, it'll be a calculus of a different sort.
I am interested in an SDI modification for the Dish 6000's NTSC output.
Count me in for a Dish6000 SDI interface.

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