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Was wondering whether there is any advantage of having an SDI mod on an HDMI capable DVD Player. I'm trying to decide between an SDI modded Denon 3910 and a normal one.

Possible scaler would be the new Iscan HD+. Display will be HDMI capable.
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HDMI (assuming 480i) and SDI will provide very similar results. However, with HDMI, you have length issues, compatibility issues (HDCP, who gets turned on when), encryption issues (all your devices need HDCP support), cabling issues (length, conversion between DVI and HDMI) and resolution issues (both sides have to know how to talk 480i before the signal can be passed through).

SDI is a simple simple coax 75Ohm cable, that can run for very long distances without a problem and with very scarce compatibility issues (we usually get one compatibility issue every few months on the forum).
Thanks Oferlaor for the response,

in essence if one is planning to scale digitally with a DVD player, better to stick with SDI @480i and use HDMI for multi-channel audio. Is there any loss in coverting SDI to the final DVI output?

Also of the 3 possible HD de-interlacer contenders, Lumagen, DVDO, Vigatec, has any being annouced with an HDMI output?

My apologies if these questions have been previuosly discussed, however I seem to be having problems with the search function of this forum
SDI is YCrCr 480i from a DVD player. HDMI can also output YCbCr 480i, but at this time there are only 3 (from what I recall) that have been configured to do this.

Considering that the Lumagens and iScans all do their magic in the YCbCr format, conversion to RGB should not be a concern for you.

I don't know about Vigatec, but neither of the other two have or will be offering an HDMI output product in the near future. Check the iScanHD, iScanHD+ and Lumagen threads for more info, as this has been mentioned.

In case Ofer's post wasn't clear enough, SDI is still the king! :)
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