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i'm just about losing my mind over the lack of info on this topic. i have not heard one piece of information that was helpful and i have posted in MANY forums.

i have a Syncmaster 2333HD. i bought it specifically to play console games on. i had a syncmaster 21" i was using for PC so this new 2333hd was meant to replace that and function as a HDTV.

and let me tell you i feel as though i'm on the hunt for the holy grail for info on this S.O.B.

i have posted on so many semi-professional help sites about monitors and HDTVs to no avail.

heres what happens. for every input on the monitor, theres HDMI 1 (back of TV) HDMI 2 (side of TV next to the headphone jack) theres a component input in the back as well as a coax for TV tuner and theres also a DVI in as well as a VGA.

i use the DVI for my PC and HDMI 1 for my 360.

when i first bought this thing i named the HDMI in "Game".

the colors were almost too vibrant but there was serious jaggie issues (aliasing). every edge on every game i played had nasty aliasing. not to mention the monitor does this thing with contrast where if the screen gets really dark it attempts to auto-adjust by increasing contrast, or if it gets really bright it attempts to darken the imagine.

problem is, it never looks good, or natural and sometimes it would just make the image SO dark i could barely see anything.

so everywhere i searched for info, of the few places where people actually talked about this monitor, a couple of the people would say "i'm having probs with my 2333hd" and someone would reply- "you need to name the input 'PC' and it will fix it.

well i tried this once and it did take care of the auto-contrasting, and it seemed to help the aliasing a tad, but the colors were down right bland. so i just assumed people didnt know a good image from a bad.

so i went back to the input named as "game" and put up with it.

well, after the screen changing over and over with odd contrast changes, especially with games that had HDR, i decided to just put up with the "PC" naming input just so the image was at least consistent.

eventually after tinkering with the 360 settings and due to some of the recent updates i was able to get a tolerable image.

i set the input to RGB instead of AUTO or source etc. and for the color input out of "standard- intermediate- and extended" i chose extended.

it seemed to be the best settings for this monitor and 360. mind you i have a cheap 100$ 20" apex that still has a better image somehow, and in the living room an older 27" samsung that only runs in 480p and 1080i and it even looks WAY better.

for some reason those 2 TVs just have this quality where the image looks smoothed over like its some kind of processing done under the hood of the TVs to add an anti-aliased look.

i can't get this 2333hd to come anywhere near those images. its always too sharp and harsh to look at.

and yes i have tried MANY different settings like lowering sharpness completely, changing color settings etc. i have tried EVERY input- component, HDMI 1 & 2, hell i even tried DVI. i tried 2 different HDMI cables, thats not the issue either.

if any of you have this monitor please just drop a line here. let me know how it runs for you, how it looks and what your using it for. at this point i just want to know what others think of it, and what the application is ofr its uses.

i'm really at my wits end, i dont understand how a 300$ HDTV/monitor could look worse than a 100$ Apex tv that only runs in 480p... lol

anyways, thanks in advance guys, cheers.
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