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Search over....picked up Pan 42PD25u/p

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Ok...the search is over. I bought a Demo Panny 42PD25U/P from a local CC (I know, I know..CC...what can I say? Only 25U/P around in stock locally, and a decent deal too)... I returned the Demo Pio 4312 with the dead pixels and burn-in back to Costco......

The manufacture date on the Pan is Dec. 2004 and the guy said he put it on the display last week...I believe him...the picture is immaculate...no dead pixels...no burn-in issues with a 100 IRE check when I got home....

I know I may have gotten a 6th generation display...but let me tell you...I looked at over 30 different plasma over the last 2 days..and had the HD Pio 4312 for several hours at home last night to play with and I'll tell you what...this panny is the best picture I have seen, except for a few HD's that were cleaner, but that was about it...this picture is as dark as it needs to be, what dark detail and natural colors......it was true wherever I saw it against other displays...and now that I have it home and hooked up the same way as the HD Pio, I think it has a noticeable better picture then the HD Pio did...on both HD and definitly SD.....even on HD channels the Pio had a waxy look to the moving people and such...not with the panny..it may be slightly (less clean) on HD...but ever so slightly..but there is no fake waxy look at all...that's what I like ...even though it is ED this is a GREAT picture... and on SD...man it is sweet...as good as SD can be considering the crappy compressed D**tv signal...definitely watchable....and on DVD's...fantastic.

I go an ok demo deal (20% off panasonic msrp)...the Dec. 2004 manufacture date sold me...just enough time for a slight break-in...I did a quick AVIA adjustment this afternoon, boy what a nice picture...first picture I have seen that comes close to my calibrated 55 RPTV Mits and that's what I was hoping for...I'll deal with paying for speakers and the tuners I likely won't need...at least it gives me some flexibility for the future...and we get good OTA HD here so it really opens up the possibilities.

Thanks to the forum all you members for the help...I am sure I will have more questions as I get this bad boy set up in a more permanent location.
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Good choice. I bought mine Jan. 11th and I really like it so far.

I got mine January 29 from Sears. Fantastic PQ and well balanced color.
trdr_vix: Congratulations on getting the Panny – or finally getting anything for that matter. TV selection is a tough process. In fact, I wish I had put as much time and effort into picking my first wife as choosing a TV! Then again, the TV will hopefully last longer and bring more enjoyment. :)

Personally, although we just bought the same set and are whole lot happier with it than the HDTV we previously had, I just wish the SD pictures could be half as good as the ones on my little Orion 13" CRT I bought at Walmart a few years ago! (It's in the computer room and is nearly always tuned to FOX News or the History Channel.) It's hard to believe, but it has the best looking SD pictures I've ever seen, and I used to work at a CBS affiliate TV station and have designed cable TV products. Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll find a widescreen that will do as well.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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