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I have the following hardware components in my HTPC:

- ATI Radeon 7500 AIW

- SoundBlaster Live! sound card

- Asus A7V133 mb

- 1 Ghz AMD Thunderbird CPU

- Toshiba 16x DVD drive

- Airboard IR Keyboard

- Directron Black Hydraulic mid-tower case ($42)

- Enermax dual fan - manual fan control 300W Power Suppy

and the following software installed:

- Windows XP Pro

- ATI 6.13.6043 drivers

- Powerstrip 3.15 build 268

- PowerDVD XP 4.0

- PowerDivX 3.12

I have a 57 inch Sony HDTV - KP-57XBR10W

After many hours of tweaking, I finally found a Powerstrip resolution that works. It is 856x484 (1080i) and it covers my screen perfectly. I've tried all of the ATI resolutions posted in the Radeon Guide . However, I'm unable to find any higher resolutions that work and was wondering if anyone could help.

Do I need a newer ATI driver? Will 6.13.6071 help? Will any other software packages or registry tweaks help?

Also, the PVR software that comes with ATI 7500 AIW card lacks the capability to switch stations on my Sony HD Direct TV satellite receiver for scheduled recordings. This was something that my ReplayTV unit could do with a supplied serial cable. Are there any capture cards out there that give you this capability?

Thanks for any help,

[email protected]
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