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Searching for receiver with autostandby that only listens for audio signal, for PC use

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Hi, I've had a Denon 2113 and upgraded to a used x2100w since I got a 4k TV. It's connected to a PC through hdmi with a 5.1 speaker setup, and I use the TV as my main monitor.

My problem is that I want it to work like my old 2113 where standby activated if it didn't receive sound, even though it received a video signal, since that's perfect for a PC user.
If I'm not watching youtube etc. and just working, the 2113 turned off according to the standby setting, and I could then continue to use the PC through HDMI passthrough without having to do anything.

The newer x2100w doesn't have an option to only listen for audio signals when it comes to standby so it's not as suitable for a PC user, it never goes into standby when I'm using my PC, or even if the PC sits idle.

Are there any newer receiver models that can be configured to ignore video, and only listen to audio signals when determining when to go into standby mode?
Doesn't have to be a Denon, and preferably a slightly older model so I can find it cheap used. It just needs to support 4k 60Hz and preferably have room correction like Audyssey. And sound great of course. :)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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