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Searching for tricks to improve the HT

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I'm searching for some tricks to improve the picture quality. I'm searching not the big trick like an ISCO or an new projector. I'm searching the small little personal tricks you used to improve you HT. I speak about Front projection.

E. g.: A special masking of the screen with part from the super-market (no apples ;) ), a special trick with your setup - whatever.

Thanks in advance

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Turn out the lights :)

Pull down screen can be pulled out to correct for keystoning on downward shooting, table-mounted mode. This can be done using bungie cords on dumbells :)
I'd imagine most of the same tweaks for the 10HT apply to the 11. Wondering when anyone who's upgraded will post their experiences.

here's a few of my tricks.

1. All gear is located in seperate secure room and is controlled via a cheap little IR repeater from X10.

2. I use a VGA splitter so whats going to the projector also goes to a seperate monitor in the room for viewing on set up or just surfing the internet when I don't want to use the projector.

3. I eliminate the Halo of the 4:3 screen with dark navy blue curtains. Looks good and effective. I do have some heavy black velvet masking forming the edges of the 16:9 screen.

4. I have a secret master power switch that keeps most knuckleheads from attempting to use "my" system. Of course I've made the system just complicated enough so that most normal people wouldn't attempt to try to use or understand it.

5. My final trick is this. Buy good speakers not fantastic speakers. 95% of the audio signals that are sent to your HT system will be crap. Yes there are a few DVDs with good audio but save the big expenditures for speakers that play music. Spend more money on visual. I see to many people with $20k sound systems and $1,500 projectors. Balance my friend, your enjoyment will be the reward.
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sorry. I gave no information about my configuration so there is a misunderstanding about tht "HT".

My configuration contains a Davis DL S8 on a HTPC and a Deluxx 1,0 Gain 2,85m screen.

Tanks for the fist answers. Come on, give me some more ;)
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