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seas drivers,what is quality of sound i`m getting?

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i`m considering buying seas drivers for 2way.the midrange is w18ex001+tw t25cf002 millennium.who is sound out these drivers

thank you
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Both drivers are of the highest possible quality and with the right filter design, will please you like no others. The trick is that crossover.

Do you have a measurement system, safaa? The SEAS midrange has a breakup mode ar 4.5kHz that really needs a perfectly tuned notch filter to tame. If you can nail that, you should be home free.

i`ll have crossover made buy zalytron.he will do it for me.if any one need prices or how much i`ll cost . let me know . as soon as i get them i`ll post comment.

BTW i`ll make my own cabinet
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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