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Some of the premieres will be supersized or debut in different time slots.

I listed some potential conflicts (for the non-standard portions of the time

slots) which might be encountered with the non-standard scheduling. It is

by no means exhaustive. I only listed the more popular shows.

Fear Factor - normal slot Mon 8pm/60m, premiere slot Mon 8pm/120m

Potential Conflicts: FOX 9pm Paradise Hotel, CBS 9pm Everybody Loves Raymond, WB 9pm Everwood
Mon 09/22 8:00p-10:00p NBC Fear Factor

Las Vegas - normal slot Mon 9pm/60m, premiere slot Mon 10pm/60m

Potential Conflicts: CBS 10pm CSI: Miami, MTV 10pm Real World/Road Rules
Mon 09/22 10:00p-11:00p NBC Las Vegas

Frasier - normal slot Tue 9pm/30m, premiere slot Tue 9pm/60m - 2x30m episodes

Potential Conflicts: ABC 9:30pm Less Than Perfect
Tue 09/23 9:00p- 9:30p NBC Frasier
Tue 09/23 9:30p-10:00p NBC Frasier

The Bachelor - normal slot Wed 9pm/60m, premiere slot Wed 9pm/120m

Potential Conflicts: NBC 10pm Law&Order, CBS 10pm Brotherhood of Poland, USA 10pm Peacemakers
Wed 09/24 9:00p-11:00p ABC The Bachelor

Friends - normal slot Thu 8pm/30m, premiere slot Thu 8pm/48m

Potential Conflicts:
Thu 09/25 8:00p- 8:48p NBC Friends

Will & Grace - normal slot Thu 8:30pm/30m, premiere slot Thu 8:48pm/39m

Potential Conflicts: FOX 9pm Temptation Island, CBS 9pm CSI, ABC 9pm Extreme Makeover
Thu 09/25 8:48p- 9:27p NBC Will & Grace

Temptation Island - normal slot Thu 9:00pm/60m, finale slot Thu 8:00pm/120m

Potential Conflicts: NBC 8pm Friends, CBS 8pm Survivor, ABC 8pm Threat Matrix
Thu 09/25 8:00p-10:00p FOX Temptation Island

Paradise Hotel - normal slot Wed 9:00pm/60m, finale slot Wed 8:00pm/120m

Potential Conflicts: NBC 8pm Ed, CBS 8pm 60 Minutes II, ABC 8pm My Wife and Kids, UPN 8pm Enterprise
Wed 10/01 8:00p-10:00p FOX Paradise Hotel
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