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Hey Fellas!

So I am getting ready to tear out the old particle ceiling and the most beautiful wood paneling ever. The start of our project starts tonight. The room is 11x30 which is quite an unfortunate size but perfect for a 106" screen in a long room setup. I'm stuck on seating tho. We can't afford to get the sweet theatre seating and we were thinking of a small sectional or a sofa with a built in chaise. All in all we would like to find a way to fit more than the 4-5 that can fit on that couch. We would also like to add a bar towards the back about 20ish feet from the screen. The ceilings are 7 feet so adding risers will make it interesting/difficult (I'm 6'4). Think we should go with a sofa/chaise Like Here and get some love sacs or some sort of floor seating or do you guys have any other ideas?

106" screen

Epson 8350

Basement will have great window treatments so there should be little light leak.

eD a5-350

eD[C] 2x lcr 12 2x monitor 6 and 1 the center

Thanks for any input!

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