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Seaton Sound JS-12 Subwoofer Black Maple, Chane A2.4 Loudspeaker

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Both are like new. Bought this spring and set everything up with Audyssey then never touched it again. I bought 2 JS12s actually and use the Chane as a center channel with my Arx A5 towers. With the wife and kids I never get to crank it up enough to even give this stuff a workout, so I鈥檓 gonna keep the towers and the one JS12 and move the other stuff along. Plus there鈥檚 some golf stuff I wanna get this fall and I need to replenish the funny money piggy bank. 馃槵

Mark built and turned the JS12s for me while I was at his shop this spring and then I hauled them home.

Not really sure what it鈥檚 worth. I don鈥檛 see many examples of used ones selling of either but it鈥檚 usually my experience that newer current model equipment across many industries and hobbies that 2/3 of new price is a pretty good place to start.

The Chane retails for $279 new plus freight so let鈥檚 say $190 plus shipping on it. OBRO.

Likewise in the JS-12. Retail is $1095...let鈥檚 say $700.00 plus shipping on it. OBRO.

Local pickup is greatly preferred but I will happily and professionally ship either item.

JS12 is sold. Thanks!
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