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SEC College Football on CBS - 9/13/03

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I hope I am safe in starting this topic,

The game isn't HD here in Salt Lake. Should I place the obligatory call in to KUTV?

How is it in other cities?

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The game is not HD in Palm Desert either.
Looks good here in Charlotte. Only because I remind them to "throw the switch" :p Since the announcement for HD football was just announced the other day, I bet most affiliates don't know about. I recommend calling the stations and reminding them.
SG vs UGA is in HD in both Baltimore and Washington DC.
Just like last Sunday's NFL game there's a lot of blockiness on both CBS feeds on BEV (Seattle and Boston). I wish BEV corrects this soon as it is really anoying.
Please make the phone call in Salt Lake. I put in a call and they assure me the game is not in HD. Maybe if enough of us call.....

Looks like Michigan v Notre Dame just went back on the big screen.
Looks great in Detroit, Boston, Seattle. Boston has 5.1, Seattle has 2.0 (as expected) and Detroit has 2.0 with no announcers.
Looks great in Cleveland. Watching on a 1080i display via WOIO.

Problem with the audio though, sounds like a skipping CD. Has happened before. Local Issue. WOIO is a piece of crap station.
LA (KCBS) still NO HD!!! What number can we call to wake them up?

Made "The Call" in Tampa, got put on hold, HDTV came on, the guy picked up and said "it should be fixed". And it is.

So pick up the phone and give them a call.
I had to call the news department. Pretty much dismissed my concerns. If I really wanted to see this game in HD -i guess I should have "reminded" KUTV in friday that it was indeed in HD.

The news guys just pretty much said "What do you expect me to do?"



The dude said there is no engineering guys in the studio right now,

He did mention that someone called shouting obsenities at him :)

At the end of our conversation he mentioned he would call the National office.

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The game is HD in both Phoenix and Tucson. Two brand new CBS HD stations. No sound in Tucson though.

Is anyone else experiencing a jerkiness in the picture?
I talked to a woman, and was courteous. So that is at least 3 calls. I will call again in a few minutes
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