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So here is my problem. I'm looking to buy a TV for my living room. I have a projector in my gameroom that is my main tv. PS3 and my 7.1 all hooked up to that. It's a pretty nice set up no need to go into the details here but I probably have pushing 10k invested. My living room TV won't really get watched all that much. Maybe a Wii and a dvd hooked up to it most likely my kid will watch it and not me. So I was pretty much set on getting a c7000 or a G20 or 25 plasma, but I just saw a mitsubishi WD60638 DLP for 600 bucks. I was only really looking at about 50" plasmas but for way less cash I could get a 60". I know the picture won't be as good but do you guys think I will be really let down by it. I mean it is just for a second TV that won't really get watched for major viewing. Damn these black friday sales! I wasn't sure which section to post this in but since I was 95% looking at plasmas for that secondary set I supposed it would be a good thing to compare the DLP too. I've done a bunch of searching and research on plasmas on here but none on DLPs really. I didn't want to do a ton of reading just to compare one TV. Thanks
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