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Long winded but please help!
I really want to adjust my backlight!

I just purchased X23WV-KOMODO (White). Prior to the purchase I went to the Sceptre website and looked for the manual to make sure that I was purchasing a model with the options that I wanted. The only manuals available were for the X23BV-NAGA, X23GV-KOMODO no manual for the X23WV-KOMODO. I currently have a X32GV-KOMODO and I like that model and wanted the same options and same style menu. I downloaded the X23GV-KOMODO manual since the model I was interested in was a KOMODO and not the NAGA. To my surprise, the X23WV-KOMODO menu is just like the NAGA, not like my X32GV-KOMODO or the X23BV-KOMODO that the manual shows.

I read reviews (NewEgg.com) on the X23WV-KOMODO (White) and users stated that they had to adjust their backlight control....why doesn't my X23WV-KOMODO (White) have the backlight control?

I downloaded the specs for the X23WV-KOMODO (White) from your site and the specs show that the X23WV-KOMODO (White) has AVL, why doesn't mine have AVL?

The specs also show that the X23WV-KOMODO (White) has the following Aspect Ratios: 16:9 Wide, 16:9 Normal, 4:3 Wide, 4:3 Normal, 4:3 Zoom, why doesn't my X23WV-KOMODO have these ratios?

I called their lack of support and was told that I did not have backlight control because I had DNR.....guess what tool....the other sets with backlight control have DNR also.

For grins, I asked if I could get the sequence for the service menu....he said that they don't have it....

Can anyone help with the service menu? I have searched and tried the "both volumes" on the set....menu then both volumes....remote volume & tv volume...CAN anyone help? I'm thinking my set is a NAGA so maybe the sequence for the NAGAs would work?

This set is for the Kitchen and wifey loves the white but the picture suks!....can't get her to go bigger to a 26...told her it was just a couple inches more

Thanks everyone!!
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