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Secretary - oh la la!!

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Wow - just watched Secretary tonight. What a great film! Talk about a filmmaker not afraid of taking chances and having it all work perfectly. Sure the plot is that tired old S&M love story genre but what a great story - and what great casting.

James Spader is excellent, but the lead actress is just phenominal and totally sold the story. Her part of a sweet vulnerable, beautiful, masochistic heroine pining for love just couldn't have been done better.

If you have any prudes in the house, lock them away, but in the end its just a very effective non-pc love story with outrageous twists and turns. Highly recommended!
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OK forget about the love story bit. It's not a factor for 90% percent of the movie. For the most part its just very funny, well acted, and wonderfully kinky. Anyone else see it?
Maggie Gyllenhaal had 5 stand-ins in the film. So, you have several shots of her derriere, a bathtub scene, and a full frontal nude scene. Is this her, or one of her body doubles? She is delightful, with or without clothes. (Same question applies to Femme Fatale, btw. How much of Romijn-Stamos is the real thingie?)

Commited (another film about obsessive love, with Heather Graham) seems tame compared to Secretary.
Yes, my wife and I both loved this film, saw it at the theater when it came out, and picked it up on dvd on day of release. Spader and Gyllenhaal were outstanding.

This was on my list in the thread of DVDs I wanted most this year. Also picked it up on day of release. Great movie!
The full frontal scene would be kind of hard with a stand-in (lie down-in?) I would think with the way it was shot. Anything's possible nowadays with CGI I suppose, but I doubt this film had the budget for it.

Interesting movie, but not for the squeamish, and not one that I'd probably want to see a second time. I had never heard of it, but it looked interesting-- and it was. The way in started in media res made for a good hook into the story, and I was glad to have a happy ending --though you've got to wonder about their lives going forward.
This movie is not for the squeamish: Office Killer.

The Secretary is good, clean American fun. It made be laugh because I used to have bosses like James Spader. He would make our secretaries retype letters and memos if they contained a single spelling or grammatical error. No whiteout or correct-o-type was permitted. They used IBM electric typewriters back in the stone age, not word processors. Someone in the New Yorker (or Playboy?) once did a funny cartoon on this obsessive trait. The punchline was: "Is it spelled dip-**** or dipsh*t?"
good, clean American fun
Eh? Did your boss spank you Ollie?:D
Saw this in the theater. Full marks for both Spader and Gyllanhall for selling what is (for me) a ridiculous premise. I've never understood B&D, S&M, D&S or any of those type of games. It seems like game-playing rather than sex to me. So, the film seemed to be an exploration of what is going on in the mind of a submissive (like "The Story of "O", but better). It pushed the concept, popularized by submissives, that the submissive is actually in control.

I've never understood the concept of a body double. If everyone thinks you're nude, what is the point of not actually being nude? And if the point is to look better than you actually look, you're just setting yourself up for embarrassment with future lovers.
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