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"Using the 16:9 portion, since this is what I expect most people using this for home theater to use, I measured about 290 lumens and 1100:1 On/Off CR. Raising the Contrast and the value for Brilliant Color, while leaving the lamp on Low (without worrying about color balance), would have given about 700 lumens and 2750:1 On/Off CR. For ANSI CR I measured about 540:1, which is very good and in the normal range for DLP projectors (which tend to be higher than other projector technologies)."



The Full On/Off Contrast (High Bulb Brightness mode) was 2213:1 in Bright mode, 1366:1 in Cinema mode, and 1277:1 in User mode (uncorrected). The contrast in the User mode, corrected, was 1159:1. The light output in the User mode, High Bulb Brightness, corrected, was 600 lumens. In Low Bulb Brightness mode, it was 437 lumens. ANSI contrast in Low Bulb Brightness, corrected, was 524:1, which is very good compared to some projectors we have tested, even those that cost more.

Calibrated On/Off contrast was slightly greater by ANSI contrast was lower.
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