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I know I am not alone in this. I'm looking for a real good TV and am locked into having to find the largest screen I can fit into my armoire with a 38.5" inside width (slightly smaller for clearance and air circulation), and I prefer high quality, reliability, best features, and price. I have been doing research to learn the market availability, but also to educate myself as to features etc. Size is biggest factor and first consideration, though. So, currently seem to only have the new thin-bezel 40 inch sets: Sony KDL Z 4100, and Toshiba Regza 40 XF 550 to consider. Both are undoubtedly great sets, but I am not one to jump to buy and their prices are incredibly high at the moment, I think. They are both relatively new in the marketplace and i hope will soon be coming down in price to make more affordable to me. Are these my only options, and does anyone have opinion on either? I am limited to the armoire, so no possibility of deciding to go larger and outside. Too bad, I know, but limited as this 40" may be, I am at least glad to have found that 37" was not largest I could consider, which I had thought was the case not long ago. Thanks, Mike
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