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Seek interior designer for home theater

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Embarassingly, my home theater has been a "work in progress" for

almost three years now.

Most of the equipment is in place (although I still need to upgrade

some speakers). But there are ugly wires all over the place, the walls

are bare, the window coverings are the cheap cruddy blinds that

came with the house, and there is only seating for two.

I'd like to warm up the room with some wall coverings and window

coverings, hide the wires, and make the seating more flexible so we

could seat at least four.

All of this needs to be done without sacrificing audio/video quality,

and perhaps even improving it (by eliminating wall audio reflections

and limiting ambient light, for example).

The room presents some challenging obstacles to wiring, such as a

fireplace on the side wall and no crawl space underneath or attic

above. And it's too narrow for a giant sectional sofa, so we might

need custom seating.

Can any of you recommend a tech-savvy interior designer or maybe

a decor-savvy home theater installer or (or perhaps a team) who

could help me optimize this room?

I'm in Sunnyvale, California, which is 45 miles south of San Francisco

and 10 miles north of San Jose. Please reply via private message to

avoid breaking any forum rules. Thanks!
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bweissman welcome to the forum. The best planner/designer and installer I know is Dennis: www.designcinema.com He offers free white papers on the importance of professional planning and installation in home theater.

Try www.lsdinc.com for specialty tools like flex-bits and glow-rods if you want to get wire around the fireplace yourself. You will have to drill thru each stud cavity. www.swhowto.com has diagrams on how to retro and prewire structured cabling and any other wiring. www.acousticalsolutions.com has all the acoustic wall panels you need to control sound and light pollution.
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