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Hi, just got a Pioneer vsx 1020 for an early CMAS gift and am in the process of setting it up. A couple of questions that I hope can be answered fairly easily:

1 - I have HDMI 1 assigned to my DirecTV box. when I switch to it I can watch DirecTV. However, from what I understand I can program the remote to change channels, etc. Is this correct? I ran through the codes and the 1st one turned off my DTV box but it doesn't do anything else. Not sure how to turn the box back on. I selected Source then HDMI which switches to DTV but doesn't turn it on once Im on that source. So if anybody knows how to program it to turn on as well as change channels I would appreciate it. I should say that I have my DVD HDMI plugged in to the BluRay connector. I can either cycle through the HDMI sources or press BluRay and be instantly on my dvd player. Is there a way to do that with DTV as well? And my PC HDMI source as well? Also is there an easier way to program my other sources other that going through the codes which don't seem to work? I am sure I have a standard DTV DVR as well as a standard Insignia dvd player that I got from Best Buy.

I guess thats good enough to start with. Thanks for any advice!!

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