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Seeking Advice - Retrofit upgrade to 7.1

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Hello fellow AVS'ers!,

I built a 2-story home in 2006 and was severely limited by the home builder as to my ability to run wires - that said I had to pay them to run 6 wires (what they called a "5.1 package").I used 3 in the back, thus the single Rear Surround(RS) and 3 up front (the front ceiling center remains unused) I have regretted not doing it myself despite being told not to, especially since it was $300 and they used what likes like phone cable

Ok, enough sour grapes. I have attached a rough illustration;

This is my current set-up (center in in console under TV).

I am considering adding crown moulding to the entire room and will have the opportunity to add 2 more speakers (not much other options being as how the ceiling is the bottom of the upstairs).

What I have in the back-ceiling is Polk LCi80's x3. So I'd be getting ONE additional LCi80 and removing the RS as shown, and moving it up to a proper/side surround location.

The questions I seek advice for are these;
  1. Is a room this size worth a 7.1 set up?
  2. Is retro-fitting speaker cable in a 2 story home too difficult
  3. Do I need to relocate ALL the in ceilings for a proper 7.1 set up
  4. How bad will my ceiling look if I have someone "try" to repair 1,2 or 3 previous holes!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Tv Side:

Front Window side:

p.s. these are from when we moved in, we actually have drapes now, lol!
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Originally Posted by bigbrain28 /forum/post/15442179

Is a room this size worth a 7.1 set up?

Room size isn't the determinant; seating location is. Irrespective of room size, if your seating area is away from the back wall (like yours is), then you're a good candidate for a 7.1-speaker layout.
Do I need to relocate ALL the in ceilings for a proper 7.1 set up

Yes, if you want to have an effective 7.1 layout. You'll need to move your side speakers forward, so they're directly to your sides, and spread the rear speakers out behind you. The goal is to have clear rear vs side separation in the surround field, which you're not going to get by having all four surround speakers behind the listening area.

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