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I am interested in building a HTPC. I would like to spend no more than $2000.00. What I want to use it primarily as is a PVR and Juke Box for my MP3 collection. In the future I would like to use it as a device in a Home Theater room for viewing DVD movies via a projector. (Suggestions welcome)

This is my current setup Video Setup

Service Provider: DirecTV

Receiver: Sony SAT-B55 s-video out (also has a “Low Speed Data†port for future products such as PVR)

Display: Toshiba 35†CX35E60 w/ s-video in

Surround Processor: Onkyo TX-SV717Pro (Dolby Pro Logic Surround) [NO s-video planning an upgrade suggestions welcome]

My questions

AMD or Intel processor ?

How much Memory is enough?

Hard drive size?

What video card should I use?

Do I need a monitor or can I just use the TV?

Do I need a separate TV tuner card?

What Audio card should I use?

What is the best PVR software?

What is the best Juke Box software? (I am using Winamp now)

What is the best DVD player?

What other questions should I be asking?

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