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I'm planing to replace my Onix Rocket RS750s and RSC200 LRC set. While they sound nice and I do like the sound of RSC200 center alot and they are all beautiful speakers . But've been strugling with the "big" problem of the center and some sounding issue with the LR. By "BIG" problem, I mean the physicall size of the center; it's big. Not fitting in the lower shelf of the TV cabinet because it's too big (and I haven't found any cabinet that can fit). Putting it on top shelf would partially block the view of the TV. For the RS750s, they're very picky on the postion. They only sounds good while listened from the limited "sweet spot" and driving it lound. For these reasons, I decide to replace them. But I need help for some inputs and greatly appreciate any suggestion. Thanks all in advance.

Here some of the requirements, things that I'm looking for:
  • - Budget: $1500 for LRC, new or used. The budget is stricked, so I can get by with just LR only for now and get the center later to stay within this budget.
  • - LR must be floor standing and center speaker NOT taller than 10" when laid down.
  • - Music/Movie ratio is probably 50/50, but out of those 50% movies, 20% of it are music videos/concerts. Musical sounds are more important and must sound great, even in low volume
  • - Will be used in 15'W x 17'L x 9'ceiling as the primary listening area, but it continue to extend to another 12'W x 15'L area.
  • - Will be driven by Onkyo TX-NR3007

On top of my list to consider are the new Monitor Audio RX6 or RX8 without the center or go with the previous version RS6/8 with center, new or used. I'm not sure if the 6 is edequate with my 12" sub or I need to go with the 8. I auditioned their old S8 and gold 10 speakers in the past and like them a lot but couldn't afford them at that time. How do the newer RX and RS line compare to the older monitor audio?

The Ascends 340 (with stands), Paradigm Studio seems to be good and on my list to look for. Any though on the towers from SVS and AV123 or any other models that you'd recommend?
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