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I have a dedicated Media Room (17FT Length * 17FT Breadth * 12FT Cieling).

At this time i have a 1080P Projector (Sanyo PLV-Z2000) with PS3 For BR Movies controlled

by a Pioneer Elite AVR (VSX-82TXS). The sound comes off a KEF KHT 3005 5.1 Speaker System that used to be great in my apartment. But now i feel like

i need more oomph (I could still use 4 of these speakers as my surrounds - In such i case, i would just need to buy a sub/cc/front left n right)

>I would be needing some speaker suggestions for 100% Movie/HT Usage.

>My Budget is around 3-4K

>I was looking at Aperion Audio and SVS for sub - Any Recommendations?

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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Are you allergic to ID (Internet Direct) companies?

Emotiva has a very nice set of matched speakers in 5.0 and 7.0 designed primarily for HT. You'll need to supply your own sub. They are working on bringing several to market, but don't hold your breath on that. They've been in the works for over a year with no projected ETR.


AV123 also sells some well regarded speakers.


The difference with the ID companies is the lack of a middle man to absorb profit by means of hiking the prices. I've bought from Emotiva (UPA-7 amp) and will be taking hard look at their new speaker line, due out later in the year, April-May according to them.

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I currently have Aperions and no complaints. 2 6Ts towers, 6C center, and 4 Aperion surrounds- I kept a klipsch 12" sub from previous setup. I also am about to pull the trigger on a svs cylnder sub the 13 ultra. I would recommend auditioning as many speakers as possible and make your choice. Aperion has a 30 day in home with free shipping both ways. I listened to Klipsch, JBL and yamaha before trying and purchasing Aperion- You can go to quite a few b & m stores, but they usually sound diffrent than in your own living room.
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