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Since my Samsung 27" Tube TV (HD), is starting to have power issues, I am starting to look at new TV's to use as a possible replacement. I currently connect my PC to it and even under HDMI the computer screen is very hard to read.

Location is in the living room so it is not the darkest area of the house.

I am looking into sets around 40" that would allow me to display MP4 movies, MP3 and Photos off an external hard drive.

1) Around 40"

2) Able to connect to a network with the capability of viewing different media (MP4, MP3, JPG etc..)

3) If I had to connect a PC to it with DVI output to the HDMI it would have to work without issue.

Would like it to have.

1) Able to connect an external hard drive directly to the unit to view media

2) Smart TV with full browsing capabilities so that Internet media can be displayed on the screen

3) Able to connect a wireless keyboard in order for better surfing capabilities

4) 3D

What I really would like to happen is for the TV to replace the computer.

Playing media off of the hard drive, and with basic internet functionality (YouTube, Facebook, Email, and search functionality)

Any suggestions on TV's that would match the criteria can be either plasma or other?
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