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You’re about to read a review by a great team: a Home Entertainment Enthusiast and a Veteran AV Designer/Installer. When my business phone got a call out of the blue from Maurice Samuels a couple of weeks ago, I thought, “Hey, who is this guy, and how does he know about an important piece of gear that I don’t know about?” But soon after talking with him I realized he was really on to something. Maurice invited me to test, analyze, and review a very interesting product he had come across while perusing CES 2014 articles online.

You see, Mr. Samuels had just purchased his 2nd Seiki 4K television a when he read the CES blurb on this specialized interconnect, so he called the company and asked where he could get one. They just up and sent him one in the hopes that, as an enthusiast, he would give the product a favorable review when it hit Amazon. But that wasn’t enough for Maurice. A smart man knows when to ask for help, and particularly who to ask for it. Wanting his review to have some legitimacy and impact, he called me. I’ve been designing and installing home theaters for over 25 years and have just begun to venture into “4K-Land” myself. (CEDIA last fall in Denver was all about 4K and Wi-Fi networks.)

I met Maurice at his home and he quickly got into demonstrate this amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) product. He put a Blu-ray disc on his player, the Colin Farrell remake of Total Recall – a well-mastered product with a lot of detailed moving CGi cityscapes in the background (the big flying car chase scene in particular) and connected the new Seiki U-Vision HDMI Cable between the player and his stunning 60” Seiki LED 4K TV. The 6’ Seiki U-Vision HDMI Cable has a chip inside one of the elegant connector ends (the end with the USB power-insertion dongle) that not only “talks” to both the TV and the player in machine language but finds the suitable up-conversion frame refresh rate that maximizes image quality.

I can honestly say that the cable actually created detail where none previously existed and made the movie look as if it were mastered in 4K. Apparently the chip does this by comparing one frame to the next and previous a one and literally fills in a ton of perfectly relevant information that is stunningly spot on. Since there’s a dearth of 4K programming available currently, if you happen to step up to a 4K screen you will definitely benefit from running movies through this remarkably affordable device that is worth every inexpensive penny.

This review by Radames “Rod” Pera [...] and Maurice Samuels - San Diego, CA.


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