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Seinfeld Syndicated in HD - Anyone Have It?

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A while back, I read here that Seinfeld would be offered to affiliates in 16:9 HD. As a show I still love to watch a few times a week, I'd love to see it in true HD. I know my local station (WNYW-DT NYC) does not carry it in HD.

Does anyone here get Seinfeld in HD? If so, how does it look?
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While the show was remastered in HD for the DVD release, I believe it was never offered to the affiliates in HD. I think the affiliiiates, however, are now usng the new remasted copies, downconverted to SD, of the show, so there should be some improvement in quality over the previous copies
Well, according to Broadcasting and Cable, it's been available in HD since the syndication cycle renewed in March. I've just never heard of anyone actually carrying it.

Just Googled it - here's the article I remember. I knew I read it somewhere.

Dan, there were 2 threads started on the subject here:



The consensus was that that original report was in error.
Thanks bidger. Damn, I was hoping it would somehow make it here someday. I guess I'll have to wait for HD-DVD or the BRD release.

Of course, gotta buy a player first!
Well, you could use the current DVD sets, which are mastered in HD, and use an upconverting DVD player or HTPC to view at higher resolution.
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