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Hey all!

I just got a Samsung LN-S4092D and I love it, BUT there doesn't seem to be a discrete way to select the OTA HD antenna input!

I've noticed that depending on how I search for my model, I can get many different command sets when there should really only be one. None seem to have a working "InputAntenna" command for my set. The other odd thing is that there are two antenna inputs (air, cable) but none of the command sets have more than one cable-like option. The remote doesn't have a discrete way to select it, either. All the other inputs I'm selecting I can get to successfully using my activities, such as InputComponent1 (DVD), InputSvideo1 (Tivo), etc. In the list of inputs, some of the sets just have "TV" or "Air", and others have "Ant 1" and "Ant 2" but then no way to actually get to these discretely.

Depending on how I search, I get these models





The way the model is written on the back of the set is the last one, LN-S4092DX/XAA.

Does anyone else have this TV model? Which command set do you use?

Thanks in advance!

[update] okay, I went back to the store and got the original remote (it was an open-box, so they gave me a different one the first time). Seems that the InputAntenna command just swaps between the two coax jacks in the back! So, I'm still looking for a command set with a way to go to the ANT 1 directly.
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