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I am a recording and mix engineer who's current A room is set-up for recording/mixing audio is:

Mac Pro/MacBook Pro (DAW: Pro Tools/Logic Pro X/Reason 8)
ApogeeDigital Symphony IO & DUET 2
Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT
Dangerous Music Monitor ST/SR
Monitors: ADAM A3X & A7X/ Focal CMS 40's/ Yamaha NS-10's

*ADOBE CS & Final Cut Pro X for film editing

My issue is that I am currently having a home built along with two custom rooms for music production/recording and mixing. The A room has been prewired for 7.2 surround (FRT-Lft/Cent/FRT-Rgt/Rear-Lft/Rear-Rgt/Lft-side/Rgt-side/FRT-Sub and Rear-Sub).

I'm trying to find some flat/non-colored in-ceiling speakers, I've been looking at the Bowers & Wilkins CCM-600 series:

CCM665-Frt-L/Frt-R. Rear-L/Rear-R (2 pair)

Which ever in-ceiling speakers I go with would be powered by a EMOTIVA XPA-7 power amp (I've choosen this amp, as I can go from the DangerousMusic Monitor SR/Apogee Symphony DB-25 to XLR and not degrade my sound quality). This is a purely "mixing" professional set-up, not ever going to be used as a Home Theater.

Feedback/Guidence would be greatly appreciated. Total budget to be spent on speakers as mentioned above is: $2,700.00

TheGift of7™


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